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Rhythm learn from jamming on the pads

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  • Rhythm learn from jamming on the pads

    I just got my Bitbox MK2 and as I am checking out the samples via pads and sequencing them via clocks I figured I'd love to have the bitbox in a 'learn this rhythm' mode where it could learn from my few-beat pad jam and create a quantized or unquantized loop out of that. I know I can probably record it as a loop by sending it out and recording it in bitbox via ext out-> audio in but it doesn't correct any micro-'out of rhythm' mistakes and it's a bit cumbersome to set up. I wish there was this 'easy drum learn mode' available. It could even make the need for sequencing, at least for drums, partially obsolete

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    or, in other words, sequence recording via the touchscreen pads that could be played later with a different set of pads...


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      or, in other words, bitbox should be able to record triggers to a dc file, as if registered through its dc-coupled inputs, per pad, through pad finger jamming