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  • Blackbox features

    Hi all,
    Since the mk2 CPU is a bit faster than the Blackbox, is there a plan to assimilate blackbox-unique features to the flagship bitbox?

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    In our modular line up, we have sequencing and sampling split into two dedicated products: toolbox and bitbox. blackbox combines these into a tabletop unit. You can expect to see some crossover and we believe that separation of features still makes sense.


    • Reinert
      Reinert commented
      Editing a comment
      It will still save a lot of hassle to have some (not all) of these features in the MK2. I understand that you might not want to make the black box redundant but, the mk2 can at the very least benefit from some sort of internal sequencing or even just expanding on its looping capabilities.

      Today I created a keys style multi-sample using one of my modules and started developing a melody. It would be great if there was a way I could record and loop that melody but currently, once I go into another pad to start re-sampling I can no longer play the multi-sample and the resampling records any other loops I have going on anyway. This should be the same problem if I wanted to create a quick drum groove.

      If not implementing some sort of internal sequencer it would be nice to be able to select a pad as a sound source to be played as if that pad was selected and re-sampled.

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    Sounds like Toolbox 2 is on the way then .