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“Soft” Clock Reset and Pad Trig Input as Clock Reset

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  • “Soft” Clock Reset and Pad Trig Input as Clock Reset

    So this is a two-parter:

    1) I would love the ability to “soft” reset the clock - by which I mean reset the beat to :1 without resetting the measure count. Not a real big deal though since there’s no sequencing going on that is tied to measure per se.

    2) What I would *really* love would be the ability to use one or any of the pad trigger inputs as a reset. I personally always put a kick in the bottom left pad anyhow, and it would be huge help in keeping modules locked on the one when not utilizing a midi input. I find that pulling and reconnecting the clock to be somewhat finicky, though manageable as a practice. However when splitting the clock source with a passive mult, this process can cause the other sync’d modules to lose their place.

    therefore it’d be great to be able to use one (preferably selectable but even if it’s hard-wired to a specific input) trig as a clock reset.

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    Yes having the ability to use a CV clock reset without have to pull the clock source would greatly enhance the performance capability of this unit, especially trying to deal with 1 bar synced clip launching.