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  • Clip Length Options

    I would love to see more support for rhythmic structures other than those built around 4/4.

    For example, in clip mode there should be a way to loop clips that are 3 beats or bars long. 5 and 7 would be excellent as well.

    I imagine this may create sync issues for the beat detection algorithm so I thought a simple solution could be to enable clip length. I could load in a 1 bar 4/4 clip and just adjust the loop start/end while maintaining the speed and pitch already determined by the algorithm?

    It would really open up a lot of possibilities for those of us who aren't writing dance music

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    Actually I have just realised that specifying the number of beats may allow me to do this.


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      I suppose then what would be great is if I could set some additional quantise lengths for a recording. I'd love to be able to record a sample that is 3/5/7 beats or bars long