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Cv Control of Granular Parameters and Options for FX Outputs

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  • Cv Control of Granular Parameters and Options for FX Outputs

    Two things that I would love to have included in the next update and are also straightforward and hopefully simple to pull off:

    1. More CV control over the Granular Parameters, specifically the spread. When I CV control the speed of a granular playback sample, changing the spread around gives some really nice results and really can affect the sound quite a bit, so I would love to have CV control over this.

    2. More options for the FX, specifically where the outputs go. I noticed that the FX only come out of the main outputs 1 and 2, which is a problem for me when I have certain samples only coming out of FX 1 Output or FX 2 Output but the FX applied to those samples aren't coming out of those same outputs. I know that the FX are global parameters, so they aren't individual to each cell, but I'd like to choose which outputs they will come out of. I also would really like to see a mix % of the effects per cell when you go into the FX menu. Right now it's just a blue bar and I like to dial them in more precisely so when I find a sweet spot I can remember that as a reference when I set the mix for another cell. Additional parameters on the Reverb and Delay would be exceptional, such as early reflections or Room Type for Reverb, and maybe ping-pong or filtering/modulation for the Delay. One last thing I would suggest is an overall output volume for the FX, sometimes I want to hold out a delay trail for a while and it just isn't loud enough even if the mix for it is at 100%.

    Thanks for the great support, you guys are always in here answering questions and helping out your users and that's much more than most companies ever do!