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Cv Control of Granular Parameters and Options for FX Outputs

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  • Cv Control of Granular Parameters and Options for FX Outputs

    Two things that I would love to have included in the next update and are also straightforward and hopefully simple to pull off:

    1. More CV control over the Granular Parameters, specifically the spread. When I CV control the speed of a granular playback sample, changing the spread around gives some really nice results and really can affect the sound quite a bit, so I would love to have CV control over this.

    2. More options for the FX, specifically where the outputs go. I noticed that the FX only come out of the main outputs 1 and 2, which is a problem for me when I have certain samples only coming out of FX 1 Output or FX 2 Output but the FX applied to those samples aren't coming out of those same outputs. I know that the FX are global parameters, so they aren't individual to each cell, but I'd like to choose which outputs they will come out of. I also would really like to see a mix % of the effects per cell when you go into the FX menu. Right now it's just a blue bar and I like to dial them in more precisely so when I find a sweet spot I can remember that as a reference when I set the mix for another cell. Additional parameters on the Reverb and Delay would be exceptional, such as early reflections or Room Type for Reverb, and maybe ping-pong or filtering/modulation for the Delay. One last thing I would suggest is an overall output volume for the FX, sometimes I want to hold out a delay trail for a while and it just isn't loud enough even if the mix for it is at 100%.

    Thanks for the great support, you guys are always in here answering questions and helping out your users and that's much more than most companies ever do!

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    +1 for these
    I am amazed that the send level of the fx can't be CV or CC controlled.

    It's also super weird that the Delay/Reverb FX come out of the main output and not the FX outputs. Adds to my frustration that the flagship module only has 4 outputs while the micro has 8.


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      +1 for CC/CV controlled send levels, and generally all the other Bit Box parameters which cannot be modulated, such as ADSR and sample start points. It's really handicapping the unit right now.


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        +1 for CV control of granular parameters. Being able to scrub through the sample when the playback speed is frozen would be great.


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          +100 for all mentioned in this thread!!


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            +1 cv controllable fx parameters and sends per pad would be great additions


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              Originally posted by Guestuser
              +1 cv controllable fx parameters and sends per pad would be great additions
              Given the huge improvements made in the latest firmware update, especially the LFO per pad and CV control of almost every parameter, I'm disappointed that they still haven't gotten around to this yet! I understand that the FX are essentially a send/return so that every pad that sends audio to them is using the same reverb and delay, but I hope that they could maybe make two of each FX. That way one reverb and one delay are mapped to outs 1 and 2, while the other ones are mapped to FX 1 and 2. I'd really like to have mono outputs for each because I typically send some things to FX 1 and other things to FX2, but I believe they're both stereo effects; I know the delay is a ping-pong, and I guess the reverb wouldn't sound as good in mono versus stereo. Still, I would really like to have the option of having multiple instances of FX for the different outputs if the CPU is available.

              I'm happy though that they actually addressed many of the requests I made; I may have to make a new thread that includes all of the requests mentioned here since I think that will get more visibility. Honestly with the new lemon drop and fireball out, I imagine that they're putting more attention and resources into outboard gear since that probably makes up the majority of sales. The newest releases for bluebox and blackbox firmware were actually pretty recent compared to the last bitbox update; hell they never even finished the latest bitbox firmware that has all these improvements in it, it was released as a beta. Hopefully the next firmware release will be another huge update with tons of additional features!


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                internal fx modulated via cv... why this is not done, we're in a modular terrytory here... geeez


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                  +1 having cv/cc/lfo control for all mod targets of the granular parameters would definitely lead to more interesting results


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                    +1 for CV control of granular parameters.