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better implementad CV sampling and looping

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  • better implementad CV sampling and looping

    Hi, what I love with btbox is that doesn't just do audio sampling but also CV sampling and playback. so I can use bitbox to play a complex enveloppe or record a complex modulation.
    As everything in eurorack is CV, being able to sample it / loop it makes a killer feature, for ex a CV note + gate is just a basic stereo CV that can be sampled or looped... yes like a midi looper ! we can sample lfos ( in stereo : ping pong lfp panning, with just a looped 5 V signal and the bitbox ability to run it's own enveloppe, we run an enveopppe that can control a vca or whatever...
    It's just GREAT but bitbox is not optimised for that :

    - first current problem is Level, usually when I sample somthing the recorded level is not the same as the incoming signal... so it's impossible to sample / loop something where precise voltage is important , I think 1V / ocrave but also to loop a CV signal without change in value : we'd need a "keep original value signal" as an option instead of recording gain and plyback gain

    - signal pas thru bitbox, while not sampling the signal are not passing thru like a standard looper : it should be possible to have different signal passing thru ( especially on micro with 8 inputs / 8 outputs), because with current situation we need to double the signal ( 1 from source to destination, and one from source to bitbox : and then we have to mix the bitbox out and source to go to destination ... I'm running out of buufered mult and basic mixers...Signal not passing thru is not only a problem for CV btw