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Re-sampling internally from specific pads

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  • Re-sampling internally from specific pads

    Just got the bitbox mk2, and it's an awesome machine, but the ability to resample from a specific pad would be amazing. It would let you set up 4 instrument rows and give 3 slots per row to sample in a scene from just that instrument, much like ableton, allowing you to build whole tracks on the fly alot easier. You'd no longer have to waste I/O to resample a certain multisampled instrument into an isolated clip. (basically the resample mode would instead say resample p1, p2, p3 etc, again, much like ableton) I'm no software designer so no idea how difficult this would be to implement...

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    My solution would be to just plug your FX 1/2 outputs back into the inputs and then assign your select pads to those outputs and then manually resample.