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Monster synth from 1 oscillator

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  • Monster synth from 1 oscillator

    automatic record precision 1v / oct in to bitbox mk2 so that each octave is correct as a precision addler. and that you can choose how many pads multisampling you want to choose, in this way you can get 16 vco that you can detun and use different octaves to get monster chord and fat bass and lead sounds and everything in between.

    I imagine that you take output from type studio electronics oscillator to input 1 and in record you choose what you want to do so that you want to put each octave on each individual pad or all octaves on each pad become type 6 or 8 pads and that you pinch the oscillator roughly and fine-tune to 440 then you take output 1 from bitmox mk2 to 1v / oct and press play then it does its job but to tune pitch all octaves.

    when this is done you can choose which pads amn wants to play on and which octave and chord type 5: th or some other chord or just start detuna and use cv input for modulation or seq or arp in chord. now you have to record and pitch yourself, which takes time.
    if we get this function, we get a monster synth in a small package in an efficient way.

    you who understand are welcome to explain better as I think it is a great idea as it is time saving.

    once you play what you want, you drive in pach cables and record from input, you have your seq arp or some other sound on a pad. my system.

    this is what i want plus chord mode ect.
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