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Easy way to implement cross fade between samples on Mix page

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  • Easy way to implement cross fade between samples on Mix page

    So we are ONE INCH away from cross fading between samples. That ONE trick would open bitbox up to being a sort of performance powerhouse.
    The Mix page is already so primed for it!
    All you need to do is:
    1) Allow me to select at least 2 sample squares with the top left and top right knobs. One picks one, and one picks the other at the exclusion of the other one.
    2) The bottom 2 knobs now control the volume for their respective samples. The user simple fades one down and one up.
    3) Keep it that simple and you win, but you can go further if you have time

    optional ideas: Some alternate page in the mix menu. It allows you to select multiple samples for A and multiple samples for B, then has a legit single knob cross fader and the option to select the type of x-fade curve. On this page there may need to be some knob setup like this: 1 knob is xfade, 3 knobs are EQ high/mid/low just like a DJ mixer. Next sub menu you can select the bands you want to EQ (set and forget this page, whatever works for your music). Now you go back to the xfade page of mix, and you can select with your fingers the a/b groups, use one knob to fade, and select which group the EQ will target.

    Although, if you simple just did 1 and 2 above you'd have legit xfade function that would be hella fun to use as we sample loops from the modular. It makes them more fun to go back to our loops and fade between them and almost like rewriting a song.

    Also, now that the CPU is faster, we could probably be able to set a loop to play from preset 1, then switch to preset 2, and pick the xfade menu, assign samples from preset 2 to group a/b, and now crossfade again, but now we have a whole set of new samples from preset 2 to use... and we can do this for HOURS going through as many presets as we've recorded down. Thus we could create an entire set of music.