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Samping and Mon Output

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  • Samping and Mon Output

    HI there :-)

    I am trying to sample some CV. I have input 1 enable for audio and my cv source going into input 1. I am trying to sample into pad 6. I have added a new rec - in here I have set "Mon output" to output 6 - I have also muted output 6 and even 1 in the mixer however I am always getting the monitoring output to the main outputs 7+8 please can someone help?

    My goal is to be able to use outputs 7+8 and simultaneously record + utilise the independant ourputs.. is this possible or do outputs 7+8 always contain a sum of the individual outputs regardless of mute status?

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    just realised i should have put in the support.. sorry please move if possible..


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      I am wondering the same thing for the same reason. I get the logic of 7/8 being the master outs, but in order to utilize the cv recording and playback it’s necessary to mute those pads from master.

      My solution in the meantime is to use outputs 5/6 and route everything there in the settings, but I hope this use case encourages 1010 to let us mute from master.

      (It would also be helpful for separate editing/cueing tracks ahead of time before adding to master output).