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Self patching the Bitbox

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  • Self patching the Bitbox

    I'm a Blackbox user and recently got into modular. I am considering getting a bitbox and I am just curious if its possible to do some self patching, i.e. send a CV sample via one of the outs and then put it back to the bitbox and use it as a modulation source, is this possible?

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    Yes. You can record CV signals and playback like any other audio signal. The mk2 has 4 total outputs. The micro has 8. So you could be creative in how you set this up but it is possible.


    • jpablo91
      jpablo91 commented
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      Thanks Steve, I just got a bitbox micro on reverb and I'm excited for it to arrive!

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    Am getting to know the micro, am particularly interested in the idea of self patching it; have just updated firmware to 1.0.12, so need to revisit to see if anything is changed re these...
    • It doesn't seem possible to not send a signal to the main outs
    • if you're using cv signals, you get dc clicks on main out
    • using say 5/6 as your main out means you only really have 4 'mod' outputs
    • i can't figure out adding effects to 5/6, so no reverb.
    It's pretty great though, slice up a cv sequence and randomise the slices for pseudo s&h, already copying a pre-recorded LFO to new patches, adding internal vibrato to granulated kalimba is delightful.


    • jpablo91
      jpablo91 commented
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      EDIT: There was an update that addressed this, thanks to the 1010music team awesome work! you can use th 7/8 however you want, including copying other outs!
      By default, the main out (7/8) is still a sum of all the outputs, so you'll get all the clicks and sounds from cv samples, so it would left you with only 4 outs for mod if you want to use it that way. The reverb and delay are only applied at the outputs 1/2 and the main (7/8).

      I usually use it like this:
      1/2 main output
      3/4 for sending to other effects
      5/6. For modulation
      7/8 More modulation!

      It would be awesome if in future updates it allows you to select what to send to the main output 7/8 that way you could mix everything internally take more advantage of the multiple outputs. Imagine having two different mono signals for inputs 1 and 2 and mixing it inside the bitbox plus mixing all the sounds coming from it, it would make it even more powerful
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    • nuclearsound
      nuclearsound commented
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      Hello, now thanks to the newly released firmware for the Bitbox Micro, the outputs are quite perfectly modular. But as I read your comment Steve, I cannot see how I can record CV.
      I love the drums the BitBox Micro outputs, triggered by Midi from my Keystep Pro. But I also love the BD of my WMD Crater, capable of gate and pitch modulation among others. And apart from wasting a second voice of my KSP for tracking pitch, I cannot find any workaround. So I'd love the Bitbox Micro to allow patching some incoming Midi messages (e.g. velocity) from this particular cell, directly "through", and output the CV on one of the eight outs. Is it possible right now ? Or would you consider adding such features in the future ?

    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      nuclearsound Currently, there is no MIDI > CV translation like you describe. You can record CV to any pad (use inputs 1-4) and playback from any output though this is not a live translation. If I am not understanding your request please correct me. Other users have asked for this so the best route is to find it in the wish list thread and add your support.

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    jpablo91 great to know about 1/2 having delay and verb, big thanks!

    from reading some of the feature requests, sounds like the lack of routing is a common thread, the 'outputs' tab on micro feels like a holding statement at the moment.

    bitbox having some mixing functionality sounds good also, have not looked at 1010's mixer, but maybe they already have the code.

    Anyways, don't need it to do everything, but I like options, and dislike wasted jacks! Every jack used in every patch, that's the goal right?


    • jpablo91
      jpablo91 commented
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      you're welcome. I really enjoy it as it is now, but like you say, taking full advantage of the jacks would be ideal. I haven't looked at the bluebox either, but I feel like later there will be features ported from there to the other products which is exciting! will see what happens