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Stop Clock / Screen flickering

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  • Stop Clock / Screen flickering

    Is there a way of stopping the clock in the left upper corner of the screen, it keeps on pointlessly running till eternity ..... It's annoying.
    I am on FW 1.0.12. Pressing stop , one or twice... does not work.
    Furthermore is there a solution for screen flickering, screen flickers randomly on and off on every brightness setting,

    Thank you.

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    Screen flickering was an issue with the first batch. We have a solid repair for that. Contact us directly if you'd like support for that issue. ([email protected])

    The clock runs. You need that clock to run. If that clock stops - your clips will not play.


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      So regardless samples are playing or not, that clock is running ? Even on an empty preset ? Sorry for all these question, but I find it to be a little bit awkward ...
      I send an mail to 1010 concerning the screen, It's my second new bitbox in one week,on the first one the screen was faulty with thick lines over it.


      • Steve
        Steve commented
        Editing a comment
        Yes. this is the case. The clock is always running. I use the current bar:beat count to determine if I have been staring at my synth too long. Once over 1000 I force myself to take a break. SO for me, it is a mindfulness counter!

        Of course, I am joking - mostly. But yes, the clock will always run. It will be engaged and ready when you need it.