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weird solder on bitbox micro

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  • weird solder on bitbox micro

    Hi, I picked up a used bitbox micro (sorry 1010, nothing personal) and it's got a weird soldering job on the bottom--two points hand soldered together with a wire above the board. I was wondering if this is normal and might come from the factory this way?

    here's a very short video showing it right above the black tape.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Just checked my Bitbox Micro, that solder bridge is not on mine. I have 'Minibox RevC' printed on the PCB, so maybe you have a previous revision PCB? To me, the solder bridge looks intensional, so I assume it is a fix of a previous revision board, but obviously i am only guessing here.


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      Yes, that was added at the factory. We were having problems with noisy pots and that solved it. Future versions will have a solution built in.


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        awesome, thanks!

        it did seem to be working ok!