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  • Screen saver?

    Is it possible to have a screen saver setting?
    Something like turn the screen off after certain amount of time of inactivity, tap or knob turn reactivates it?

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    Yeah I would like this too and I've seen people on other forums suggest it too. Even ignoring the screen burn potential it would just be nice for it to use less power when not in use


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      Would love this feature, but believe it would need to be up to the user to set the time it comes on. Some people use the module very hands-on, so it could be problematic to have a screen saver pop up suddenly. Some users are not touching it once set up, and the screen saver could be great to pop on after a minute of use for a dynamic display like the ER301 or NerdSeq (worth noting neither examples use touch screens that are a central part of the modules navigation). Others may want to set it to an hour. Makes the module more fun and saves energy.


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        +1 just thinking about this.

        It would be great to be able to have the option to choose an entirely black screen with just a minimal indicator of which pad is selected.

        Maybe just the square outlines, empty for blank pads, a square inside for loaded but not playing, a triangle inside for playing, with a white square for selected.

        Maybe call it "midi mode" or something.

        The screen rn dominates my whole field of view