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Lots of noisy crackling with Micro and mk2!!

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    I've just chucked into a pod, and it's definitely an improvement. I wonder if the other digital modules are causing the issue. Guess I need to do some deeper investigating and experimentation.


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      Ok, this is worth a cross-post as I'm facing a similar issue and the Micro can't handle minimal pressure.
      I'm on a 4ms Pod, I only have the Micro and a MIDI Sequencer (SDS Digital Melisma), I'm playing 3-4 note chords at the moment and the Micro freaks out at high octave notes. Crackles and digital clipping.

      I'm sure this is not a polyphony issue. No other pads are firing, only using on-board samples, and the card that the module came with. Using MIDI, having set pad #1 to poly. playing the same chord progression at low octaves everything is fine, but as soon as I transpose there's unbearable crackling so the bug seems to be related to pitch and not polyphony.

      Happy to test this further and bring more details if necessary (including MIDI map) but at this point I'm with mikeleebirds:I can't keep the module if this is how it works. Why is there a poly option if this is how it responds to anything more than two notes?


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        Hello I have a bbmicro a few days ago and there is constant noise in the outputs also when I use the octatrack to control the filter via cc sometimes it also cracks I don't know what to do with the module I like it but it is impossible to use it with so many noises I have a mantis tiptop box and I have tried with different output modules like, rosie and link also different cables but nothing stays the same.


        • Steve
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          which version of firmware are you using?

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          1.1.7 these is the last version ?