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Multisample Setup for Soft Synths

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  • Multisample Setup for Soft Synths

    Hi, I am not too savvy with DAWs or even MIDI for that matter. What's needed equipment-wise to do a proper multisampling of a soft synth in Ableton for example? Midi to USB? Separate audio interface? TIA

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    You will need some type of MIDI interface. If you want something small and capable, try the iConnectivity mio2. It is inexpensive and will give you 2in / 2out, 5-pin MIDI from DAW. Plus, you can connect an iPad or another USB MIDI Host. I use this interface and like it.

    You want the best quality stereo audio out of your DAW. Any 2 channel audio interface will work. You can use the headphone jack of your computer to get started.

    you can use a standard 5 pin MIDI cable with the TRS adapter included with the micro to send to mio2/DAW. Stereo (or mono) audio coming out of the DAW/Interface/Headphone to Input 1&2 on the micro.


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      Let me also recommend that you set the buffer size inside your DAW as small as your reasonably can. This will affect the blank space at the beginning of the recordings. Try a buffer size of 32 samples.