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Auditioning slice and trim points when editing wavs

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  • Auditioning slice and trim points when editing wavs

    I want to be able to audition where I'm placing a slice point when in slicer mode. But I can't seem to be able to do this, unless I'm missing something?
    It isn't such an issue when editing a drum break or something with obvious transients, but it's a case of 'hit and hope' with any other kind of sample.
    Is their any way to hear what I'm doing? When I press 'play' it just plays through the whole sample, which is kind of pointless. Surely it would be more useful if the 'play' button played back the sample from the vertical white line?
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    +1 on this. I haven't found a way to quickly do intentional chopping. If there was a way to switch between trigger the "start" parameter and where the white line is in the setup page, that would be so nice, so you could either use the "Play" button or an external controller.

    One workaround to help speed this process up is guess where you want the slice, set the slice with the bottom encoder to hear it when you press "play", scroll back to the start point, hit join, and then hit split where you think the adjusted point needs to be. When you hit "play", it should play your new point without having to change anything. Still not ideal but it works. It also is hard because when you touch the screen to move the cursor, the cursor remains still during playback for a *little* while, before there seems to be a timeout and then the cursor follows the playback. It makes it hard to slice and then audition because you'll have to manually move back to the slice point each time after that timeout. It would be really cool if you could toggle this behavior so that cursor doesn't automatically move during slicing