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    EDIT: Apologies - this is user error My velocity was not up full. Once I turned that up - problem was solved. Doh!

    The Bitbox is noticeably quieter than all my other eurorack gear including other samplers (Rample).

    At 100% master volume I'm still not getting levels to match everything else in my system. This is using samples that are normalized. In fact I'm even using the same sample set on Rample and Bitbox and the two are very different in terms of volume output of the same samples.

    If I start cranking all the individuals channels up to match am I going to encounter headroom issues?

    Of course, the other option is to turn everything else down but I'm running a relatively small system and don't have enough spare attenuators or level controls on all my VCAs. Besides, it should be Bitbox that matches Eurorack level out not everything else dropping to compensate.

    Anyone got any tips?
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    Glad to hear you figured it out.