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New Micro -screen flickering, now dead, unable to update

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  • New Micro -screen flickering, now dead, unable to update

    Hey guys. Just received a bitbox micro from perfect circuit
    loved it while I was able to use it. I had some flickering screen issues last night. I didn't think it was too big of a deal, I had it set so that at 50% it would stop the flickering.
    I retired that day, and went to bed thinking I would wake up the next morning and get it all up to date. It came with version 1 installed and I found version 1.11 waiting us online

    Well anyways now its the following day, and I find that the screen to the micro is completely dark. I shut it down last night while at 50% brightness but now its acting as if I lowered it to 0% or something. Im able to turn it on and the Home/Tools/Arrow buttons still up but the screen is dead. I even went in and deleted the settings on the SD card hoping it would reset the screen settings but nothing. I even try to hold the Home button while powering on hoping to get the boot menu but I'm not getting anything. I have the latest version downloaded onto the SD card, but I can't do anything when I hold the Right arrow while powering. The screen is pretty dead and any type of reset seems impossible

    what's the best thing to do moving forward? I just got this yesterday and basically started saving for one after its announcement

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    quick update
    I followed some instructions online on how to update it. I was able to do it with a dark screen, the micro seemed to have gone through the update as it should, but Im still getting a dark screen
    I'm trying to blindly see if I can locate and change the screen brightness setting, but Im not quite finding it. From here Im trying to reset the system settings. Is there any other way to give it a really hard reset other than just deleting the setting file?


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      last update. I looked away for a second to look for my phone, and I came back and the screen was back up and running. Its currently flickering at 20% brightness, but its back! haha this is crazy. So now Im just hoping I can power it off at night again and come back to it the next day with it fully working. Crazy stuff guys haha


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        Managed to get it to work for a bit, I loaded up my samples and had a blast jamming on it. Im still getting issues with the screen though.
        Its a cointoss whether or not it will power on properly.
        Ive had to power it on/off several times over hoping the display turns on
        Now even if I try to blindly turn the screen brightness up it just doesn't seem to do anything

        what would be the best thing to do from here?


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          I'm having the exact same issues & i got mine from Perfect Circuit as well
          worked perfect for a week then today this happens.
          i read a guy on instagram 2 weeks ago with this happening to him before i got mine?


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            Originally posted by sketchdashaman View Post
            I'm having the exact same issues & i got mine from Perfect Circuit as well
            worked perfect for a week then today this happens.
            i read a guy on instagram 2 weeks ago with this happening to him before i got mine?
            Yeah it seems like the batch that Perfect Circuit received may be faulty in this way. Have you tried the firmware update yourself?


            • sketchdashaman
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              yes, mine was working fine before & after the update.
              I was using mine for about 4hrs straight last night with no problems what so ever.

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            Sorry to hear this. Please use the Contact Us form on our website and we will make arrangements to get you a replacement promptly.


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              Yeah my screen flickers with the update as well.
              I got mine from perfect circuit too.
              Now I am afraid my screen will die too. I keep having to increase the brightness to stop the flickering.
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              • Aaron
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                Does the new Brightness Fine control clean things up for you?

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              It is the same. It is possible to find a stetting that does not flicker, but only temporarily. Upon reboot a new setting will need to be found. After warm up a new setting will have to be found. It seems like any tinkering with the brightness settings will temporarily stabilize the display. The fine control doesn't help any more than just wiggling the coarse control.

              Again, musically, the modules is great and works as expected. I wish we could get past this hurdle and get on to improving on the musical features of the module. The fun part.