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  • Is this possible / how to do this?

    Let's say I have a wavetable of 64 single cycle waves. Is there a way to be able play and loop different portions of the wavetable via CV?

    I can get as far as: use CV to set Start position & Loop Start position but I don't know how to position Loop End so it is always a set amount of time after the start positions (ie: to keep the loop the same size).

    It seems like all the ingredients are there to do this, but I can't figure it out. If it doesn't exist, could this be a feature (ie: Loop End moves in relation to Loop Start). Seems like quite a feature that would be fairly well used.

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    Load them as a single, sliced sample. Use CV for Slice Selection. You can loop, sync, or playthru your slices.


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      OK - so no then for wavetables.


      • Steve
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        What do you mean?

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      Thanks for the idea with the wavetables! I just had some fun checking this out:

      If you use the same cv input to control Loop Start and Loop End (be sure to set the cv to the same amount!) you can scroll through the wavetable and the loop always keeps the same size (same pitch). Only if you reach the end of the wavetable, the pitch gets higher because the Loop End-point can not move any further, but you can prevent that by lowering the amount of cv control over Loop Start and Loop End.


      • KidYoshi
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        Nice - I'll give that a try.

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      @ Steve - I mean you can do a single cycle (1 waveform) but not a table of say 64 waveforms. Thinking about this more - you could slice them but you can't play the slices chromatically with the keyboard (that is mapped to play each slice instead).

      I'm going to try ClapTrack's idea though.


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        I tried the method outlined by Clap Track - it works well. You first need to set the loop to match the waveform single cycle (or anything that sounds good). Then set the Start Time, Loop Start and Loop End to all use the same CV. I was successful setting them all to 99% With this set up you can send an offset CV into the Bitbox and play notes - effectively playing a small window across the entire range of the waveform.

        What doesn't work so well is adjusting the CV as you play - there's a lot of clicks and pops and sometimes the playhead falls out of the loop, but sending a static voltage works very well. Thanks Clap Track!

        Maybe this could be something 1010 could help optimize - I can see this being super useful effectively turning the 1010 into a wavetable oscillator.
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