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  • Largest and best SD Card

    Hi Steve (et. al)
    I've read a few places and get conflicting answers, so I'm coming to the oracle for the definitive answer.
    Can you please provide a link to amazon (perhaps) of the best card you'd recommend for the Micro? I'm assuming an SDXC super fast one. No knock-off cheap cards, etc.
    Also, the largest the Micro will support, please.

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    The oracle is busy, so I will try to answer this!

    Generally speaking, a microSD card with an 'A' rating should be ok. The 'A' rating was created for devices that stream large amounts of data (Apps, audio, etc) and seems to perform best in our devices. I prefer SanDisk though I own a dozen different brands. Kingston also makes quality cards. In terms of size, I know of a forum user who uses 1TB cards with no issue. I have a 512GB and a 400GB SanDisk that perform well. I find that 64 is the magic number for me. It is more than enough room for a giant library and room for a LOT of recording.