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  • sending clock out

    Hi everyone, I am using a OP-Z to send midi to my Bitbox micro so it can sync and play midi notes and cc. I would like to pass the clock received in the bitbox to another sequencer (Marbles). Is there any workaround for sending the clock received on the micro out? maybe using a CV sample out one of the bitbox outputs? not sure how clock signals work and what would be the best way to create a clock signal sample to use in one of the pads of the micro.
    Hope I explained myself

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    Hey, I got some files here that will help you out. In this folder you will find 4pq (bitbox compatible) clock pulse loops and accompanying click tracks. There is also the one shot clock pulse at the bottom of the folder to make your own loops according to the ppq that Marbles expects.

    I've been trying get my bitbox setup with the pulse track looping on one pad, sending out of FX1 and back into the bitbox clock input, to some success. The idea is that when I load a preset, it can self clock to the tempo of the loops


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      this is awesome! thanks for sharing

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    thanks for the use of the pulse files. you have saved me a lot of time setting up my own patchs. i to have thought about self patchs. thanks again