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bitbox micro 1.0.14 feedback

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  • bitbox micro 1.0.14 feedback

    Please tell us about your experience with the new bitbox micro update below.

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    Thank you Aaron . Can't wait to try the polyphony-restrictive options, and see how it responds (whether it limits distortion/digital clipping). I'll try the originally suggested solution with an update to the SD card first and see how much that was at fault.

    Looking forward to sharing my results, but until then, thanks.


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      Aaron Just a quick test this morning, but so far so good --

      New Features:
      • New polyphony modes (Mono, Poly 2, Poly 4, Poly 6, Poly 8 and Poly X). Dial in the polyphony per pad to optimize your use of the box
      These work great. Did a test running a single-cycle waveform with a long release time. Got some clicking with PolyX and it cleared up by switching back to Poly8.
      • Faster micro SD interface. In the past when we tried to speed this up, some users had problems booting. Please let us know how it works this time.
      No issues booting

      Bug fixes:
      • Sometimes the filter cutoff is not correct on new voices
      Haven't had this issue
      • Retriggering the same note would cut of the previous note at the same pitch. Notes will now retrigger, subject to the polyphony mode

      The other issue that I have had (and communicated back and forth with Steve on) is with some parameter jitter (HERE) with the 2nd encoder. This also seems to be gone under 1.0.14. Thanks!


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        Should we discuss 1.0.15 here as well since 1.0.14 is no longer available? I'm running into similar bugs as before, there's lots clipping even when there's limits on notes (8 notes on one pad, 4 notes on another and I still get clipping), when slots are full it's impossible to edit a pad to reduce/replace the sample, etc.