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Tutorial for creating cards from scratch

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  • Tutorial for creating cards from scratch

    First post here. Trying to figure out how to create my own card to load with samples from my Mac, as opposed to using the included card. Don't see anything in the manual about the required file structure - I don't mean MS-DOS Fat 32 etc I mean how the folders should be organized, named, how may files can go in each folder - if there are 8 cells, does that mean each folder should have a maximum of 8 wav files in it? Would really be helpful to see a video tutorial or something expanded in the manual about creating new SD cards from scratch. Thanks!

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    There is no tutorial or video because the micro takes care of file management for you. You can organize your cards in any way that makes sense to you. You can store wav files in the root or in a complex directory tree. The micro gives you a way to navigate and find what you are looking for. In terms of what the micro is doing: it creates a Presets folder if one does not exist. It will create a settings.tml file if one does not exist.

    If you create a preset and load wav files from your own (or factory) content, you are actually only saving a link to that wav file. If you move (or remove) that wav file your preset cannot play it. In the preset file menu, you can touch FIle > Pack to have the micro collect all of the currently used wav files and create a copy INSIDE that preset folder. You can now take that folder anywhere and keep all contents together.

    One last thing. You should consider using only 24/48 WAV files. Yes, you can use any bit depth and sample rate combination, but the DAC is 24/48. No need to unnecessarily tax the CPU. This will leave processing power for you to use when pushing the micro.


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      Thanks! wow very easy.