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Playing Polyphonically With Bitbox Micro

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  • Playing Polyphonically With Bitbox Micro

    Am I right in thinking that the MIDI input to the Bitbox Micro provides polyphonic input to the device? I therefore wonder how this can be used to play back chords?

    Am I right in thinking you would have to import a load of multisample spanning each key of several octaves, assign these to pads and then play them back that way?

    Is there no other way to play back chords within the Bitbox Micro? For example, using the granular on a sample, setting the desired loop points and then playing that back polyphonically?

    Im just trying to get my head around the capabilities of this. Any insight/feedback most welcome.


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    Loading a wav file into "Sample Cell" allows you to play that sample chromatically via midi, on a channel set for that individual pad or using the global "Midi Keys" channel. In this mode you have 16 note polyphony per cell. This also applies to a "Mulit-Sample Cell". A "Granular Cell" is limited to monophonic playback though.

    You could resample sustained granular notes and use those in a "Sample Cell" as a work around to achieve polyphony.