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  • things iv found or not

    ive had my bb micro for about two weeks. think its great little unit.
    bit power hungry tho . doesnt allways play well with other.
    note some square waves come out hot and the bb micro want respond until attenuatide . is workable.
    i would like to see input assignment on channels. at the mo its if gate input 1 only triggers pad 1 and so on. to freely assign them work be great.
    master mix level send and mute. so i can just use master output as effect channel.
    plus remove pad if assigned to another output.
    the comp is great but i would like to be able control it.
    envolpe modulation on amp env. add more use to it.
    be able to assign indervidual midi cc numbers to modulation dest.
    trigger two pads with one input gate. to be able layer sounds.
    to be able to make multi samples in file manager using files from card.

    just some thoughts on what id like to see

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    i love the little bb micro. im finding new stuff to do with it all the time. ive not noticed to meny glitchs or click sounds that have be mentioned in other post.
    iv push the grain effect that glitches out a little. but its understandable its heavey process.
    look forward to new update