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  • granular mode behavior

    I just got the micro about a week and a half ago. One of the features that I want to get the most out of is the granular mode. I am able to get very nice results out of it, but I am having a hell of a time figuring out what the actual relationship between the ADSR and grains are. The manual is pretty vague. Can a Mod or developer show how the trigger path works in granular mode. I feel like it would help me get out of " I guess this works" mode, into something a bit more purposeful. I also am not understanding the speed parameter. It doesn't seem to effect the speed of the grains audio playback. It seems like the rate of the actual grains being triggered at normal playback speed is whats happening, but it's so subtle until I get around 25% and below I''m not sure what the rest of the spectrum is for. It would be great if there was a block diagram or more detailed description of how it all works. I would love to trigger without the ADSR. It would be great if in future firmwares there was some sort of auto trigger of grains so you could scrub through without a trigger source. Not that I expect clouds, but the built in trigger source in that module doesn't seem like it wouldn't be too hard to replicate. I know the max number of grains would be less, but it would free up a input.

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    i agree with you on freeing up inputs


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      Speed just changes the rate at which the "grain engine" scrubs through the sample in forward / reverse / bi-directional. The individual grains seem to be played at a fixed sampling rate. I think the ADSR only applies to when the pad is triggered in gate mode. So when the key is pressed (gate is high), it applies the volume envelope as the grains are played. I don't think there is an envelope control for the individual grains, but I would really love to have some simple grain envelope control to help smooth out/eliminate clicky sounding grains.
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