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  • separate outs

    i got a question about separate outputs.
    if i send a sound out from lets say output 6
    for processing im also hear the sound from the main outputs.
    am i missing something.
    thanx in advance

    kind regards

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    no one? any thoughts


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      I send my voices to outputs 1 and 2 instead of 7 and 8. Outputs 3,4,5 and 6 for lfo or cv to autopatch or send to other modules. I don't use outputs 7 and 8 at all. They are useless if you play audio and cv at the same time.

      In this video:

      Pad 2: waveform voice ->out 1 and 2 (IN: gate in 3, cv in 4)
      Pad 3: waveform voice ->out 1 and 2 (IN: gate in 5, cv in 6)
      Pad 4: waveform voice ->out 1 and 2 (IN: gate in 7, cv in 8)

      ​​​​​​​Pad 5: LFO to cuttof filter voice 1 -> out 3 in 1
      ​​​​​​​Pad 6: LFO to cuttof filter voice 2 -> out 4 in 2
      ​​​​​​​Pad 7: LFO to Marbles (Bias) -> out 5
      ​​​​​​​Pad 8: LFO to .....(other) -> out 6


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        thanx for your reply


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          You have to go into the individual sample pad and set where the output goes to, PLUS you have to go into tools to set what the outputs are (7&8 default as master pads unless you change them.) I just made a post saying how confusing I think this is - I wish the default was that pads mapped to their numbered outs, and you could change each in settings. As is goes now you load a sample and it automatically sets 1&2 as the output destination, NOT the pad number it's loaded on. - makes zero sense to me.


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            maybe I can help... Originally, we set 7&8 as master outputs as a convenience so you can monitor everything without the need for patching everything. This configuration still gave the micro more individual outputs than any of our modules - users were unhappy. We responded to that by allowing you to set output assignments in the TOOLS > Output menu. Yes, all pads are, by default, sent to 1&2 - another convenience. If we mapped every pad to mono outputs by default - we would for sure hear about that, too as not everyone would want that either. The other consideration is the FX return.

            It is difficult to please everyone. You may have to turn an extra knob or two but that seems better than not having that option at all.


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              thanx for the reply, I will find my


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                Hello all. I am trying to understand or confirm something with the 1.1.7 update. Does RVB and DLY still get sent to OUT 1 and OUT 2 and Master or has that been made configurable?


                • Steve
                  Steve commented
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                  FX are returned to Output 1/2. If you leave 7&8 as Mas L&R, 7&8 will output a stereo mix of all outputs, including FX. This is the old behavior.
                  If you set 7&8 to Output 7&8, you will get 8 mono/4 stereo outputs where FX and Comp appear on 1&2. If you need 8 unique outputs you will need to not use Comp/FX.

                • SorryWarrenHarding
                  SorryWarrenHarding commented
                  Editing a comment
                  thanks for clearing that up. I assumed that was the case. Overall this is a fantastic update!