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  • Triggering Slices

    How do I assign a different input to trigger slices?
    I have a drum loop on pad 1, triggered from input 1 but now I'd like to sample something and I would like to reassign the slice trigger input to input 3. How is this accomplished?


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    Okay, I guess I should have read more forum post which indicate this isn't possible.

    Butt riddle me this...

    For Pad 1, can I turn the trigger off by reassigning the input to CV or Audio and then be able to trigger the pad using MIDI?


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      I need some Customer Happiness Enforcement in here.


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        you do, indeed!

        Currently, the inputs are mapped 1:1 to the pads. You can trigger slices in various ways via CV or MIDI. You can't reassign the inputs to trigger but you can use them for CV to any pad. So Pad 1 will only ever be triggered by Input 1, or via MIDI. Without knowing more about your setup I can give you some basic pointers.

        Slices are mapped chromatically starting at C2. So if you send C2 CV to that pad (from any input) you should be able to at least control slice selection. You will still need to trigger that pad to hear the selected slice. If you use MIDI - it is basically the same except for fewer cables.

        let me know if that was not the appropriate amount of Happiness!


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          You're going to have to step up the enforcement here.

          I'm just fantasizing the possibilities, but can you still sequence trigger the slices (forward, backwards, random, etc.) using midi? The manual wasn't specific on how this is accomplished. If I just send it a single midi note, will it still jump through the different slices?


          • Steve
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            That depends on the settings. If you enable PlayThru you can start from any slice and it will play to the end. If you slice a sample into 12 slices, you will find those mapped to C2, ascending chromatically. So if you send E2 to that pad you should expect to hear Slice #5. You can activate the slice sequence or selection via MIDI. There is no Reverse on Slices as of now, but I'll share a little secret... load a sample, set REV: ON, change to Slice.

            It's Friday. I only have so much Happiness left!