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  • Launchpad Pro mk3

    Anyone using the Launchpad pro mk3 with their BB micro?
    Seems like a pretty nice combo! I'm considering switching out my beatstep pro for one in order to get a polyphonic sequencer for all my multisampled instruments. Plus the extra pads!

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    I use that combo currently and it works perfectly. The 2 midi outs on the launchpad pro mk3 are nice. I have a simple trs cable direct to the Bitbox Micro and everything works as it should.

    Being able to set up the pads configurations on the launchpad differently is quite nice; I use the standard 4x4 drum configuration for....drums, and the more conventional keyboard layouts for other instruments. With the launchpad and the Bitbox (and some careful sharing of samples and polyphony...) you really can create whole tunes with just those 2 pieces of gear.