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Bitbox micro and Morphagene

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  • Bitbox micro and Morphagene

    Hi all! Is anyone using bitbox with morphagene?Been using 1010 products for a while and I really like the interface and the granular mode. I’ve always been interested in the morphagene but i wonder how much overlap there is with the bitbox.
    anyone has experience with these two? Thoughts on how they compare? Is it worth it to have the two of them in the same rack?

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    I use both. I had the Morphagene first. They are very different:
    - The MG has just one mono sample (reel) to play with as the micro has 8, which can be polyphonic.
    - The micro has midi, the MG doesn't.
    - The micro has a screen and menu's. The MG has no screen and menu's. It's all knobs and a few button combo's. Very different interfaces.

    In use (at least how i use them) the differences are even bigger. I use the micro for playing/triggering prepared samples. A few polyphonic pads (for example a multisampled piano) and some percussion/hits pads. Mostly triggered by midi. I rarely use modulation, just a few midi knobs to have at least some direct control of some of the paramaters.

    The Morphagene i use as a live-looper/sampler/granulazer and almost don't use prepared samples with it. I just record something on the fly (could be a small performance on the micro) and transform that sample/loop to something else while playing. And i use modulation a lot.

    If granular is your thing, i never used granular on the micro, but a lot on the Morphagene.

    If i had to choose, i'll keep the Morphagene because it fit's my workflow better and it's way more fun to make new sounds with it. For me the inteface of the Morphagene let's me 'connect' more with the sample than with the micro. As with the micro the interface works better for preparing some samples.


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      Thanks for sharing! Thats exactly what I want to use t for, to record stuff on the fly

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    I'd say that one is a better thought as a tape machine while the other is your typical sampler. I have both, and other modules, and I don't see them as equivalent in any way. I sometimes mangle the Micro's output on the Morphagene, which to me, is more of an effect (to the extent that a tape recorder can act as an effect if you chop up the tape pieces in small chunks, etc).