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Slice's not correctly mapping to 0-10v

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  • Slice's not correctly mapping to 0-10v

    Have tried this on a few files with slices. I have a Quadratt sending between 0v - 10v to the Bitbox CV in controlling the Slice parameter which is set to 100%. In theory, this should let me pick every slice from the file. However, it doesn't trigger the last slice. I'm pretty sure the Quadratt is calibrated to send out the correct voltage.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    EDIT: I think the CV ins are 0-5v so 10v should definitely be triggering the last slice. I tried this with a Maths with both the channels 2 & 3 (10v & 5v respectively).

    Ki Yo

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    The CV ins are calibrated for 0-5V. Which inputs are you using? IN A or IN B?


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      Which firmware?


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        Latest 1.0.7


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          Hello again. I was playing with again this evening and noticed more odd behavior. Now I could overly trigger the last sample with 5v CV.

          In fact I needed to turn down Amount to 48% to trigger the 2nd to last slice.

          This leads me to wanting to know more how CV scaling work on Bitbox, especially with regards to slices (but also other parameters). What are the input levels required? For slices is Amount based on total number of slices available (ie: relative to the each WAV) or based on a fixed number? So if the input range is 0v - 10v then 5v would always play the middle slice out of the set, 10v the last slice etc.

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            For the slices, the idea is that 0-5V will select which slice to play--based on the current number of slices. Said another way, 2.5V will always play the middle slice. I hope this helps.


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              Got it. With regards to my original problem, I wonder if the math used to calculate slice is not rounding up to allow the last slice to be triggered in some instances. I applied 5v and above and could not get the last slice to trigger on some samples. It did with others though.