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V/Oct - CV Pitch - Cannot get it to work

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  • V/Oct - CV Pitch - Cannot get it to work

    Hello, I am trying to use the V/Oct input to control the sample pitch.

    My firmware is: 1.0.7

    A Gate is triggering the sample and I am hearing it.

    Then I:

    set an Input option to CV (Ext 6)
    Selected Source (Ext 6)
    1V/Octave - On

    However, as soon as I turn 1VOct on, the sound stops and I hear nothing.

    (Please note, I have the BitBox MK1 and am used to using this feature on the older model, but I do not understand what I am doing wrong here, or maybe there is a firmware error?

    Many thanks Matt

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    Please check the incoming 1V/Octave signal. In order for the original sample to continue playing, it needs to be at 2V. Higher than that will raise the pitch and the opposite for lower values. Said another way, with nothing hooked when you switch to 1V/Oct you can expect the pitch to go down by two octaves. That may seem like not playing at all depending on the material.


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      Hello, Yes, I have tried that, no joy. Here is a video.