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New Bitbox Micro - screen died upon lowering brightness

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  • New Bitbox Micro - screen died upon lowering brightness

    Posted in flickering thread - I believe this may be screen hardware, so starting new thread.

    New Bitbox micro - received Friday - installed this morning.

    Monorocket Lexington - should have power to spare.

    Plugged in - confirmed working, navigated around Home/Tools - presets. Confirmed I can trigger samples/output via touchscreen. I went to adjust brightness under Tools, got to ~90% barely changed - it seemed to jump instead of fade, kept lowering value slowly via knob, screen died completely.

    Tried turning back value up blind, as I hadn't left the menu - nothing - could still trigger sounds via blank screen, buttons still illuminated. Power cycled - no change. Checked connections after another power down - power up, no change. Still have buttons illuminated. Confirm can still trigger sounds via touchscreen, but screen is blank.

    Attempted to go to where brightness value should be via Tools and adjust, no change.

    This is out of the box - have not updated firmware - will try later.

    Went from very excited to very sad, very quick.

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    Small update - also confirmed able to trigger samples via inputs.


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      Sorry to hear this.

      Please try the following:
      1. Take the micro SD card over to a Mac or PC.
      2. Delete the settings.tml file. This will reset the global settings under the tools menu and revert to the defaults.
      3. Power down the bitbox micro
      4. Insert the micro SD card
      5. Power up again
      These steps will restore the brightness to 100%. It is possible that your unit behaves as though brightness level 0 is completely dark.

      If that doesn't work, try this:
      1. Power down the unit
      2. Hold the Home button while powering up
      At this point you should see a test mode. If both of these don't work, please use the Contact Us form on the website to make arrangements specifically for you.

      Thank you


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        Thank you for the quick response. I tried both of the troubleshooting procedures as prescribed. As well as powering via an empty case. I've responded via e-mail.

        I appreciate the help.


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          Same issue with mine. I deleted the settings.tml file and powered up again and it worked.


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            Same problem here. After trying both of the troubleshooting steps above the display remains blank. I have requested support at the Contact Us form.


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              I had same issue, I actually smelt electro burning and the screen doesnt come back on and appears completely dead. I’m wondering if there is a wrong resistor value or something sending too much juice to the screen. The reason why I turned it down in the first place is because it is glaringly bright unusable for studio conditions. Ifi get a replacement, Is it possible to swap out a resistor somewhere to tone down the screen on a hardware level?


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                Sorry for the hassle. This is an emerging issue and we have yet to receive any of the hardware mentioned above for review. Let's get you a new unit and see how it goes. Most people are happy with the dimming circuit.


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                  I also had the same problem. I tried in the indicated ways but the screen does not turn on


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                    Quick update.... sent my dead unit back and got another one. Updated the firmware and have the screen on 14% with no flickering (although it flickers at other settings) and now that the screen is working this module is TOTALLY SICK. Absolutely love it. So worth it. I hope any residual problems with the screen can be sorted at some point because this module is the nads.


                    • Steve
                      Steve commented
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                      This is great news!! Glad you got up and running!

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                    Sent mine in to 1010music and was returned yesterday! Great customer service! Works great. I have the screen dimmed at %50 - loving it so far.


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                      I haven't encountered this problem but now I'm scared.. what if it happens in a year? Will 1010music still replace it?


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                        Please don't be scared. It only affects a small number of users and usually happens within the first few hours. Version 1.0.10 includes a fix to reduce the risk it will happen even further. We will take care of you on this issue for the foreseeable future.


                        • flipper
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                          alright that's great, thank you!

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                        I have the same problem. I did everything that is written here and updated the firmware to 1.0.10 but it did not help.


                        • Steve
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                          I sent you an email with questions.

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                        I contact technical support, but no one answers me. Can anyone help me?


                        • Aaron
                          Aaron commented
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                          We're having trouble reaching someone via email right now. Please contact your dealer for more information. I believe we already have you covered.