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Is multi-sample every note not working?

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  • Is multi-sample every note not working?

    I tried to multi-sample every note of a piano. 10 seconds long per note. After it completes, the patch does not playback polyphonically, only a single note transposed (triggering it from MIDI). Yes, I changed the patch from Mono to Poly (it should really do this by default after a multi-sample) but still no dice. After not being able to multi-sample every note, I changed the sample every parameter to 5 and everything plays back fine, polyphonically... I assume this is supported functionality since I am able to set the "Sample Every" setting to 1, but I am missing something else?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Watch out for making a bigger multisample than the box can handle. Each pad maxes out at 64 files. Each preset can handle only 80. If you sample every note, choose your key range and velocity layers to stay with in the limits and it should work fine.

    I know we added some better error reporting about loading incomplete multisamples. I'm not sure it made it to micro yet.

    Let us know if this does not help.


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      Originally posted by Aaron View Post
      Each pad maxes out at 64 files. Each preset can handle only 80.
      This is a big limitation. If you want to use two pads with multisamples and the rest with single samples, that brings it down to 74 samples for two pads, 37 samples per pad, at 3 velocity levels per pad, that's 12 samples or one octave

      No way to increase that?

      I know you can squeeze more octaves by recording less semitones, but there go my plans to have a prepared piano in there!