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The Question of Flip Mode on the Micro...

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  • The Question of Flip Mode on the Micro...

    We definitely hear that you want Flip Mode on the Micro. Adding that feature is easier said than done and will require more than adding a new software feature. While I obviously am not promising anything, I can tell you that we talk about it. The micro presents its own set of obstacles. Here are some of the considerations:
    1. The buttons will be upside down. Flipping them would require removing material from the silicone button strip.
    2. The knobs will be on the left instead of the right (obviously)
    3. Flipped faceplates are impractical (and more expensive) because the screen is glued on.


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    Yep. That makes sense given the asymmetry of the face plate. Maybe some users would be okay with inverted buttons and faceplate text?


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      Cheers steve, I personally would utilize a software only flip (beta), to aid ergonomics. If I knew what the in/outs did (say as per the original labelling but just upside down) I could live with that. The soft keys can be learned in muscle memory as just 4.

      Would the 2 continuous knobs be able to adapt ie top selects, bottom tweaks values?!!

      As I have health concerns that aren't your usual customer base, it would cover the 'accessibility' issue.

      Much praise to your team for making incredible products so affordable and a great attitude x


      • Steve
        Steve commented
        Editing a comment
        adapting the knobs is easy work. The other issues are more like obstacles.

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      Good to hear. Personally I'm perfectly fine with just a software flip. The panel labeling is pretty self-explanatory, and I wouldn't care if the button text was upside down. Most important is the ability to use it with jacks up in my skiff cases.


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        Would be awesome with a software flip because of ergonomics and cable management - I dont mind the hardware being reversed at all!