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Weird set of events = loss of data

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  • Weird set of events = loss of data

    Today I was playing with the Bitbox Micro and sampled a tone from an oscillator. As I was playing it via Midi I noticed an odd effect where every other press of the keyboard would not apply any filtering (I had filter set to -50). I switched out the sample to another and the problem stopped. So I switched back but then it wouldn't respond to pitch any more. As I navigated the menu the BB just suddenly crashed and rebooted.

    At this point, I went to reload the sample I realized the Presets folder was completely empty. I put the card in my computer and it's saying the same thing. So basically - I've just lost all my sampling and presets since purchase. FFS!

    The only other thing I can add is that the unit had been switched on for 2.5hrs and idle for 90mins (I was doing something else). But when i got back and started sampling, everything seemed to work ok.

    I'm guessing the sudden reboot wiped / corrupted part of the card.

    This is hugely worrying as you can imagine. Is there not protection for events like this? And also - why did it reboot and also start acting weird moments before? I can't believe I've lost weeks worth of sampling and projects.
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    That is very concerning. Our biggest defense against this kind of thing is to always write the WAV files to the micro SD card as the firmware records them.

    In terms of recovering the data, please review the card on a computer and see if there is an opportunity to repair the file system somehow. On the Mac, this is in Disk Utility and First Aid. On Windows there is an error checking tool in Windows Explorer.

    I know Steve likes the SanDisk formatting tools, which are available for free. Perhaps they have a recovery option as well.

    We will look into this matter. Please let us know if you have any other clues about what happened right before things went south.


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      Will do - I'm going to reformat the card and start again.


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        OK - so I've lost all my data again. All I did was power down and power up and this time the entire SD card was emptied / wiped.

        I really don't know why but this has happened twice now. I can only assume I have a faulty unit. How can I get this resolved promptly?