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Can't figure out how to assign samples to certain keys... please help!

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  • Can't figure out how to assign samples to certain keys... please help!

    Hi there,

    The way I want to use the Bitbox is to have 4 different types of drum sounds, sampled chromatically, with 4 different outputs triggered from one MIDI channel.

    So let's say I have a MIDI keyboard sending MIDI on channel 1.

    I want to trigger:

    - 4 kick drums on pad 1, going to output 1, with keys C1-D#1
    - 4 snare drums on pad 2, going to output 2, with keys E1-G1
    - 4 hi hats on pad 3, going to output 3, with keys G#1-B2
    - 4 cymbals on pad 4, going to output 4, with keys C2-D#2

    I can't seem to get this to work. When I set the root note, that just transposes stuff and I can't get it so that the multiple pads don't all play at the same time.

    Surely this is very basic functionality for any sampler, to define key spans.... am I missing something here or is this a design fault?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this.
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    (Edited to better illustrate what I am getting at)


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      This is what I want to do.... this is taken from the manual of the AKAI S3000.... the classic sampler back in the day from 1996 which I used to use


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        Have you tried slices? These play slice based on note input (ie: C1 = Slice 1, C#1 = Slice2). You might need to create a file where all the drum sounds are in the same WAV and then load that same WAV into the 4 slots. I can't see why this wouldn't then work as you're expecting.
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          great solution.

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        Blackbox isn't quite set up to do that. Each pad will play all inbound notes on the channel. If you want to get really crazy, you could try silent samples in your key map.


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          thanks for the input people, I think silent samples might be the most fitting solution