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  • Filter is getting ignored

    There seems to be a bug with the filter when playing samples via midi. I have a Pad with a sample loaded. It's set to Poly, Filter is set to -70 and I'm playing multiple notes at once. In this set up, the filter isn't closed as it's meant to be. Instead it sounds open... from then on I have to manually turn down the filter to get it to work (it get's stuck). I'm running 1.0.11.

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    Interesting, I think I noticed something similar, in that modulating the filter with cv is not stops responding... might be the same issue.


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      There is a known issue regarding the filter and poly playback.


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        OK cool. Thanks for the heads up.


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          Steve, does also address the issue I noticed? I played around more with it today, and it seems setting CV to control params will not take effect until the sample is stopped and played again. So it does work once I do that, but that doesn't seem like a good behavior. I'd probably not notice with playing short drum samples, but if, say I'm already playing a long looped granular sound, it's an issue.


          • Steve
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            Thanks. I'll look at this a bit further.

          • spacelordmother
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            @steve Yup, same issue here. As someone who basically only plays long loops this would be great to get fixed up.

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          In midi polyphony the filter behaves in a strange way .... some notes yes others no .... Bugs ??