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Master Volume seems to have no effect.

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  • Master Volume seems to have no effect.

    So I have been loving the bitbox so far, excellent work! However, for some reason when I go onto tools and lower the master volume it seems to have no effect on the levels. I have everything running out of output 1 and running directly into my mixer. Which I could turn down there but my other modules that are running through the same channel are much quieter than the bitbox, so it would be nice to turn down everything at once. For the time being I have just been using the onboard mixer and turning down each sample individually, which works, but is tedious. Any ideas?

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    No one else has had this problem?


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      That parameter controls output 7&8, the Master outputs. Currently, outputs 1-6 are assignable in software, 7&8 provide a stereo mix of all outputs.


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        Oh wow, I thought 1&2 were the main outs, I skimmed that manual. Must have overlooked it. Thanks I will give it a try when I get home!