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Short triggers not triggering Bitbox

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  • Short triggers not triggering Bitbox

    I have a Brain Seed hooked up to my Bitbox Micro and the trig output of the Brain Seed isn't always triggering the Bitbox even though the triggers are being sent from the Brain Seed.

    Measuring the trigger length, it seems to be 0.25ms - it looks like that is the threshold of the Bitbox where it stops being triggered.

    Can this be fixed?

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    0.25ms is very short and will trip up many digital modules. Can you extend that on the Braid Seed to 5ms?

    Addressing it on the bitbox is possible, but not simple.


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      Aaron ​​​​​​​I double checked that - I was mis-reading my scope and incorrect. The triggers coming out of the Brain Seed are 1.5ms @ 5v - so a typical trigger.

      The problem still remains, sometimes the triggers are ignored by the Bitbox - I'd say every 1 in 8 is ignored.

      All my other modules trigger as expected from the Brain Seed (Rample, Akemie's Taiko, Quadrax, Metropolis, Pico Drum 2).
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        Bumping this again in the hope that I'll get some response. Basically, Bitbox does not respond to triggers that are 1.5ms and can often (15% of the time?) skip the trigger entirely.