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Bug with multisample playback & v/Oct

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  • Bug with multisample playback & v/Oct

    I recorded some multi-samples today - all worked well. However if I then set CV control of Pitch to v/Oct = ON - the triggering of the samples stops.

    If I manually change the amount to 100% it works as expected, just not when you turn v/Oct to ON.

    Seems like a bug.

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    A few (maybe obvious) questions:

    1. Which firmware version?
    2. Were you sending the CV to the same input mapped to the Pad? ex: synth on pad 1. CV to input 1?
    3. Do you have the inputs set correctly? ex: Gate for the pad containing the sample(s). CV to some other input set to CV

    I want to verify that your connections are correct. If so, I will investigate it as a bug.

    Thanks for the report


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      Hey Steve

      In answer to your questions:

      Firmware: 1.0.11
      Set up: multi sample was on pad 3 (input 3) which was set to gate. Pitch was taking CV from pad 4 (input 4) which was set to CV



      • Steve
        Steve commented
        Editing a comment
        Thank you. I'll dig into this today.