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Crackling audio and flickering top buttons?

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  • Crackling audio and flickering top buttons?

    Does that mean I'm pushing the processor too hard, or perhaps another issue?

    I've had my BB Micro for a week. Happened last night and this morning. Didn't seem like I was doing anything with it that I hadn't done before so not quite sure.

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    As mentioned in your other thread, consider upgrading to a quality microSD card. Any card with an 'A' rating will work. It is possible to overload the MicroSD card before the CPU.


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      I'm using the card that came with the Micro - A 16gb Kingston card marked "A1."


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        keep in mind, we have not incorporated any CPU governors. It is totally possible to overload our devices. This is by design so that you can push the box in ways that are meaningful to you.


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          There is high, persistent, and repeatable crackling at higher octaves, regardless of polyphony.

          Current test: Using on-board samples (re: piano warm), with 4-7 note gated chords, single pad, set to poly, pad set as sample. Whenever I transpose the chord to higher octaves, or expand the chord to hit higher notes I get crackle and I really really really don't think it's pushing the CPU. If it is, then this CPU should not be on anything meant to work on polyphonic playback at all.

          Notice that I said the notes are gated. As soon as I lift my finger from the gate button, the notes die off. So there are no overlapping polyphony pushing the CPU. Just 4-7 notes playing the piano sample back.

          <-- me on my first sit-down testing the module. I get that the CPU is left to the user to push or not push but comeeeee oooooon, this is not a reasonable excuse. If I play consecutive chords with high notes the noise is so harsh it makes the module simply unusable.

          Was this even beta tested?

          This is as basic a use case of the MIDI input as I can possibly imagine for the polyphonic option.

          How can we fix this? I know you can do better than this 1010.
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            Are you using the stock microSD card?