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  • Sample edit in Multi Sample


    Thanks for the amazing module. I LOVE IT! However,

    I am using multi sample but have found that the samples have a small gap at the start. When I go into sample edit (in multisample) the start point does not movie despite turning the sample start dial. I tried to edit the WAV's on a DAW, but when I loaded the back into BITBOX, the Multi Sample didn't work anymore due to the velocity layers.

    It works fine in single sample mode.

    Sadly this means that I cannot use the multi sample mode as they are not in time with anything else.

    Is there a workaround, firmware update or advioe to edit in a DAW and upload teh samples without disturbing the Multi-Sample file?

    Many thanks. I love 1010music.

    Kidn Regards, Snow Palms

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    I too am seeking out how to edit or create multi samples on a computer with the needed velocity and pitch information tagged for bitbox.