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Large samples not loading properly in saved projects

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  • Large samples not loading properly in saved projects

    I often use long, large files as atmosphere. Since the last update (1.1.7) large files do not load/stream properly. They load with sections truncated (see photos).

    Update on this: Large files are actually behaving erratically & will just truncate & sound will stop at random, this is sometimes reflected in the display & sometimes not. I am going to revert to previous firmware to confirm that this issue was introduced in 1.1.7.

    Files tested are 48kHz 24 bit stereo; sizes: 90MB, 53MB, 56MB

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they are always beta testing for 1010? Guys you make amazing products, but you really could use a good tester/QA person who knows how to write test scripts/stories & possibly automated tests. Not meaning to beef here, but I do think this is an area of your dev cycle that could be greatly improved.

    Update: Reverted back to 1.0.15 & there is no issue with large files. So I conclude that this was introduced in 1.1.x. Possible culprit performance/memory management 'improvements'.
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    We recently changed some software behind the scenes. This introduced a few issues that were not broken, previously. We have mostly worked through that. Thanks for the post.

    As a reminder, you are not required to update to new versions until we can verify that they are stable. And, yes, we do test - believe it or not. We can't find everything. I have been here for 18 months and users from the forum find some of the weirdest little bugs (I'm, not suggesting yours is little or weird) and I am grateful for it. I can spend all day testing and I know I will not find everything. I can verify that the box performs as advertised (or not) and report accordingly. I have also found my share of things that have never been reported. It is never as easy as "just do this" or "just do that."

    Thanks for your input and continued support. We are happy to have you in our community.


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      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your reply. I do agree that it is not as easy as "just do this/that" and of course no-one can find everything, but core functionality really shouldn't be broken by a stable release. 1.1.7 was marked as a stable release, being able to stream large samples from the SD card is core functionality. You should at least have a basic written/textual test script that gets worked through to test core functionality pre-release. I have run dev teams for large & small organisations for 20 years, so I have some experience in this area. Again, not meaning to beef here, trying to be helpful.


      • Steve
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        It is entirely likely that we are doing just that! Thanks for your post.