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Only left channel of sample playing from mono output

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  • Only left channel of sample playing from mono output

    I have a pad set up with it's Output parameter set to Out 3 so that I can send to a mono fx module.
    However If the sample assigned to the pad is stereo, only the left channel is sent to Out 3.
    I expected the bitbox to down mix stereo samples to mono if sent to mono outs.

    Any advice on whether this a bug, a limitation of the bitbox or something I'm doing wrong gratefully received


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    It sounds like bad practice to me. Why would you expect it to mix stereo samples into mono when sent out a mono output?


    • g.r.u.m
      g.r.u.m commented
      Editing a comment
      It would make my workflow more efficient and reliable Let's say I want all eight pads to have their own separate outputs - i.e. Pad 1 to to Out 1 etc - if any pad had a stereo sample assigned to it, only the left channel would be heard. to hear the samples as intended, I would have to down mix any stereo samples to mono on my computer and reload them - or keep mono copies of all stereo samples on my SD card!