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Assigning midi cc to pad parameter without sending pitch or gate info.

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  • Assigning midi cc to pad parameter without sending pitch or gate info.

    I hope Im not be silly and missing something. So I have a multi sample loaded on a pad and on the second pad I have an lfo which is routed out of out 3 to input 3. Im using it for vibrato on the multi sample. What I want to do is assign modwheel to the level of the lfo pad but what I've noticed is that in order to get the pad to recognize the cc I have to set the midi input to the correct channel and then it works but it also re-triggers the lfo and re-pitches it according to the incoming midi notes that are on the same channel as the modwheel. Is there a way around this perhaps? Thank you so much for any help your able to provide.

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    What you are trying to do should be possible. I would need to understand more about the actual MIDI settings (Pad and global) as well as which internal pad slots you are using.

    You should be able to assign Mod to the Level of the LFO pad. set the Level to -60, then control as normal with the wheel. Beyond that, I need more info to sort it out. Have you checked the MIDI Setup video? It explains the various aspects of MIDI and how it moves through the micro.


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      It works fine as you describe at the beginning of your second paragraph. I simply want the the cc data of a midi channel to be enabled yet I do not want the keyboard data on that channel to be enabled. Whether I change midi settings per pad or globally it seems an external midi filter is the only way to accomplish this. Thanks for your time Steve, I don't think this feature is worth even adding to the wishlist.
      Freebie for reading this. I replaced the Knobs with grey Sifam and not only did I get a more subjectively enjoyable knob set but my screen is clearer because with the black skirt of the lower knob gone I was finally able to see the tab for the factory protective plastic screen cover and remove it. I feel like its less hot now too "maybe". It is so hot under all possible settings and circumstances ,power supplies cases etc! but you know this already.


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        Im sorry, it does work! User error. This whole time I was setting my Mod source as Mod Wheel. Mod wheel as listed as a source only works when the midi channel is enabled for that pad which is why I couldn't separate that cc from the note data. If you select learn then move the mod wheel cc it works without enabling that midi channel. That'd a Done! Problem solved yet sort of convoluted. Thanks again Steve!