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CLIP not sync when change BPM

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  • CLIP not sync when change BPM

    I created loops in my DAW, perfectly sync and loop.

    Bit when I put them in the bitbox micro,, if the BPM is not the BPM of the loop, there is some sync issue, noticeable on kick drum, there is like roll on beat

    I set BeatCount
    Quant Size to 4 bars
    Sync to 1 bar

    I use midi sync from my sequencer
    and my samples are in 24 bit, 48 khz

    I change to 44.1, 16 bit, mono. same thing

    Last firmware

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    I have to sync to 1/4 or 1/16 to work on beat, could you explain why ?


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      First, the QuantSize parameter only determines when a clip will start or stop. BeatCount will help the blackbox determine the accurate number of beats in a clip if needed. Auto usually works well. For drums, percussion, or any other similar sound, you will want a small sync value. The best explanation is on pg. 34 in the current manual (found here:


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        thanks for the help