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Root note not being saved(Most of the time)

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  • Root note not being saved(Most of the time)

    I've been pulling hair out over this for months but more often than not when I set a root note for a sample (samples are in accordance with your suggested sample rate and bit depth) then save it, this root note data is gone upon reloading. sometimes if I save the file over and over it will work and then I'll have a folder of files with correct root note data ready to be loaded into a multi sample. Most of the time it doesn't work and I turn this bitbox micro off and play a different instrument. Is this perhaps a known issue? If there is a way I could set the root note from a computer before loading the files Id be so pleased but I'd even settle for the cumbersome process of loading each sample and setting its root note and re saving it on the device if it actually worked. Maybe Im an isolated issue. Id be so happy if someone had a similar experience and could unfold some planetary knowledge upon me.

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    the disting ex has been able to parse root notes from filenames for 15 months, but 1010 still wants us to spend our musicmaking time in front of Akai software to set obscure .wav tags


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      Which version of firmware are you using? I prefer Sample Robot for this task but other users like the Akai software.


      • Hidiki
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        I was using the latest non beta release but I also just installed 1.1.11 and the same problem happened. Ill Try Sample Robot and or the Akai software. thanks.

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      Thanks for replying, your statement reminded me of the midi number naming convention 1010 uses so I'll try that for now. This is the only module I've put serious thought to selling, and since day one. However this module does what I want and I have hope some things will get worked out within the next decade so I can get down to business. Honestly if this thing just saved my Root note data I'd much rather use it for multi sample playback than the Super Disting Ex Aplha plus. Though my Disting mk4 really wants a Disting ex.


      • Steve
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        We do not look at filenames for pitch and velocity data, FYI.

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      Oh this is just a well documented thing here in 1010 land thank ya Enforcer.